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Investment Philosophy

We believe that in order for a project to be successful, there must be a commitment to responsible investment. In order to succeed in today’s financial environment, one must look at investment from a holistic approach.  A responsible investment is not just the provision of equity capital or an extension of an operating credit-line, but involves an assessment of other bi-products such as:

  • Social Impact
  • Economic Stability
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Job Creation
  • Incorporation Of Alternative Energy Systems


In coherence with Equilibrium Equity Mission, we undertake the financing of projects along with investments into specific, developing technologies with an approach to not only being the financial partner, but also providing development expertise and management systems. We look for opportunities where capital, experience and management insight can unlock the potential of a project, while at the same time create sustainable economic growth and financial stability.

Investment Thesis

Members of the Equilibrium Equity group bring decades of hands-on operating experience to bear on all our investment decisions. Each investment or partnership proposal is subject to rigorous assessment by our internal investment team. We harness the varied array of talents within the group to assess the viability of each project and potential investment which includes:

  • Screening
  • Due Diligence
  • Compliance & principal liaison with qualified accredited institution's and our legal experts & legal counsel(s).
  • Valuation
  • Optimal Financing Structuring


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