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Equilibrium Equity Bvba (“EQ BVBA” or “EQ”) is a private investment holding and project management & development company combined. 

The company was acquinted by a private investor pursuant to exploitation

of its extensive intellectual properties (know-how) from its Management company. The Intelectual properties are exchanged by Equilibrium Equity bv.

The acquisition fused both parties’ visions, strengths and capabilities including financial resources and project development teams. Based out

of Belgium, Equilibrium Equity Bvba has financial operations in Europe

and London and its development operations are managed by its

Amsterdam-based Executive team.

The catalysts to Equilibrium Equity Bvba formation were the common       

   objectives shared by both parties which included:

• Advanced credit enhancement systems
• Unconventional project financing

• Project development(s) partnership 
• Renewable (green) energy development

• Reforestation of (waste) lands

• Acquisition, conversion & exploitation unique real estate project(s)
• Long-Term investment(s) into historical cultural artworks.

• Managed Forex investment Portfolio with licensed fin. institution's

• optimal asset diversification by professional shareholdership(s)
• Building a global project management and execution team presence
• Forming alliances with development and technology partners
• Cutting edge technology: finance, acquisition, commercialization and


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