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Our Focus

Equilibrium Equity Bvba and its partners are focused on development of infrastructure projects and investments in renewable energy systems and sustainable technologies in the following main sectors:

  • Reforestation of (waste) land(s).
  • Renewable Energy
  • High-end Technologies; hydrogen & solar techonology
  • Water
  • Acquisition, conversion of industrial site's & castle estate(s) to musea

     •  Long-Terminvestment(s) into historical cultural artworks

     •  Commodity trading & finance of Gold Bullion, Diamonds & Rubies.

     •  Managed Forex investment Portfolio with licensed fin. institution's

     •  Creation of Funds through bond & mtn investment(s)

For in-depth information on specific sector focus, kindly visit the relevant

section  of our webpages.


Reforestation program in conjunction with national organisations for conversion of (waste) lands, deforestated land into a rich natural envirronment.

The company withhold the expertise and is exploring the reforestation program under carbon rights.

The company is willing to purchase/convert & cultivate new land(s) within the European region.

Renewable Energy program by direct/indirect capital investments with international market players.

The company ambition if to explore the exploitation with a optimal implimentation with strong & durable facility solutions for the decade to serve.

Solutions may also include renewable Energy implimentation for gouvernement & industrial buildings.

Cultural investments account for long term investments. Under this program, the company plans:

* Conversion of Industrial and/or castle(s) estate to 


* Acquisition, exploitation of European arts works

* Deploy art collegue's, education & seminarie's.

* Develop art expertise's, evaluation's & management

* Management of National Musea's in fully-owned   

   estate portfolio.

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